Youth - High School Sunday School

The Senior High School Class consists of young people in grades 9-12. Currently we are studying "Treasuring God's Word" from the SO WHAT? Bible Study series. The study is divided into 4 parts:

What's so special about the Bible?

What's the big story of the Bible?

How do we interpret the Bible?

How do we use the Bible?


The lessons address common questions teens have about Bible reading such as:  Can I really understand the Bible?  Can I be sure the Bible is the Word of God? Why did the apostles write letters? Each student receives a prayer/study journal to do some work at home during the week relating to our lesson's topic. 

The class enjoys discussion as well as Bible reading each Sunday (and a sweet roll!).   If you are in Senior High, we invite you to join us as we learn more about God's Word.  Life can be difficult and confusing in a teen's world.  Having a knowledge of the Bible and cultivating a habit of reading it for guidance can help with the difficult situations.

Trimella Chaney, lead teacher

Dottie Sykes,  teacher