Lenten Family Acitivites

Easter Countdown!
Lent is an important time in our Christian walk with God. Lent is a time of personal preparation of our Savior’s death and resurrection through self examination and repentance. It is important that we teach our children what Lent means to us and why this time is set apart from the rest of the year. Below is an excerpt from the Presbyterian Mission on how we can talk to our children about Lent.
“Traditionally, the season of Lent has been a season of faith formation in the church. As we involve children in the various events of the season, we allow them hands-on experiences of repentance, forgiveness, community, sadness and joy. When a child attends an Ash Wednesday service and receives the mark of ashes, there is an opportunity to talk about who we are as children of the earth. There will be death; there will be burial for each of us. We can tell our children that even Jesus experienced death and burial, but death was not the end for Jesus. Neither is death the end for us, for Jesus promises to welcome us to a life beyond any wonderful thing we can know. This is our hope forever and ever.
It is often difficult to talk about such things as adults, let alone as children. But the concrete experiences of Lenten worship give us entry points for sharing God’s wonderful, hopeful promises with children.
At the beginning of Lent, we mark the time when Jesus is sent into the wilderness. While there, he prays and prepares for what lies ahead for him. Likewise, the season of Lent can be presented to children as a time to pause, to pray, and to prepare for what lies ahead for us. These brief six weeks can stand as a respite from the regular rhythms of life. Families and congregations can set aside this time for special study, prayer, or weekly fellowship. Parents and teachers can use the Lenten season to teach children about prayer by helping them to learn and memorize the Lord’s Prayer or the Apostles’ Creed, or to read the Bible passages about Jesus praying. Parents can encourage a family prayer time each week or each night during Lent.” (https://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/theology-formation-and-evangelism/curriculum/ ideas-magazine/talking-children-lent-easter/)
Click on the link below to find daily Scripture readings and an activity you can do as a family in preparation for Easter. There are 52 daily activities in boxes that can done each day. Be warned, that you too will be challenged if you take on this project. Some are not easy!  The idea is to pray, fast and give this season in response to what Christ did for us.