FMO Classes

Classes and Schedule
First Morning Out operates as closely to the public school calendar as possible.  The holiday schedule is comparable, but when public schools are out for inclement weather, we may be open. Our year begins in mid-August with home visits to each family.  The children start the last week of August and attend through mid-May.  The school day is from 9 until noon.  The children bring their own lunch, and parents are asked to take turns providing a snack (crackers, fruit, etc.) for mid-morning.

Class Options and Enrollment:

Toddlers (age 15-18 months by Aug. 31), 6-8 children, MWF – 3 days;

Twos (age two by Aug. 31), 8 children, MWF or TuTh;

Threes (age three by Aug. 31), 10 children, MWF or TuTh;

Fours (age four by Aug. 31), 10-12 children, MWF or 5 days/week;

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) (age 5 by Dec. 31), 10-12 children, Monday through Thursday (4 days/week), 9-12:30; The Transitional Kindergarten is a class option for children meeting the above age requirement who would benefit from an additional year of preschool before kindergarten. Enrollment in this class is based on age of the child and is not a replacement for kindergarten. Note: If there are not enough children enrolled for TK, the class will be offered for Older Fours/Fives.


Come by to visit (please call ahead) or contact us for more information.


Shelley Dewey, FMO Director