Care Receivers Ministry

Care Receivers Ministry is a ministry to the church's homebound--in and out-of-town members. We are also committed to caring for our member's homebound family members. The care givers have a call and a commitment to caring for others. We basically commit to visiting with them once a month, keeping them in touch with the church, and sometimes providing a meal from the Comfort Kitchen. Once a month a "thinking of you" card is sent to our out-of-town care receivers.

This ministry enables the church to stay in touch with our congregation and to make sure no one in need is left out. Wonderful relationships have been formed between the care giver and the care receiver. The blessings go both ways.

If you or someone you know would benefit as a care receiver OR if you would like to join the ministry as a care giver, please notify Pat Weaver at 828-264-9316 or