Comfort Kitchen

Question:  When is a meal more than mere food?
Answer:  When it is made by dedicated people and delivered not only for nutrition but as an opportunity to serve as God’s hands in bringing love, comfort, and caring to members and friends of the First Presbyterian community.

Food for the Body and the Soul
Great care is taken to purchase food, to provide the freshest taste possible AND to be healthy at the same time. Recognizing the diet restrictions faced by many, we prepare food with a minimal amount of fat, sugar and salt and include list of main ingredients as well as general suggestions for its preparation. The single serving meals are prepared with meat, vegetables, fruit and dessert.

As many acts of kindness often do, the Comfort Kitchen began with one person’s recognition of a need.  In 2001, after working single-handedly preparing meals in her kitchen, Julie Carter, Coordinator of Congregation Care, asked if others would have an interest in helping prepare meals for those in need in the congregation.

Several well-seasoned cooks responded and a small corps of culinary volunteers formed the Comfort Kitchen in 2003. As meals are prepared and packaged, they are immediately frozen until they are needed by Elders, Deacons, the Pastor, the In Touch Bunch or others wishing to reach out to members and friends of the congregation. 

How can I help?
1. Pray for those who prepare the meals, deliver the meals and those who receive them.
2. Offer to help cook with us or deliver meals.
3. Prepare a dessert with your family or Sunday school class or Youth group. Contact Gail in advance for suggestions of desserts to complement the meal.
4. Contribute financially to the Comfort Kitchen. Oftentimes, the packing supplies are more expensive than the delicious food. If you have a packaging supplier or other resources, let us know.

To learn more and to be part of this meaningful ministry, contact Gail Johnson at 828-265-1371 or  (Please include Comfort Kitchen in your subject line.)