Deacon Care Groups

In Acts 6:1-6, the Disciples of Christ were increasing, as were their responsibilities. Unintentionally, they found themselves ministering to the growing body of followers, and less to the teachings of Christ. Something had to be done. And so began the role of the Deacon in the early Christian church. They were care givers, and feeders of the body and the soul.

At First Presbyterian Church, the Diaconate serves a number of purposes; however, the most important role is care giver to the people of our church. Our congregation is divided into Care Groups, led by a Deacon. Think of these groups as small families among a multitude of families; families that watch out for one another, supporting each other during crisis and celebration. The Deacons contact the people on their Care Groups on a regular basis to connect with them and also to give information about upcoming events at FPC.