Sunday Morning Adult Classes

Discipleship Classes help build a spiritual foundation. Our Sunday morning classes allow you to journey in faith with others who are seeking out Biblical truth and how it applies to everyday life. Classes are open for all who are interested, no matter what your previous experience is in studying the Bible. You can join a Sunday morning class at any time.
Room 110
This class seeks to facilitate mastery of Bible content, understanding of the Bible in relation to life experiences and a greater awareness of God’s self-disclosure.
Current Study: Joshua and Judges
Leader: Herb Hash
YOUNG Professionals and College
For any young adult, ages 18-25, student or professional. Learn more about God’s character and will for your life through study of Scripture, prayer and intentional community.
Leader: Steve Marks and Mary Beth Walker
F.O.C.U.S. (“Younger Adults”… 30’s & 40’s, single and married)
Room 105
An intentional community that is… Focused on Christ and United by the Spirit.
Current Study: “Psalm 23” by Matt Chandler
Leader: Sue Newell / Rob Robertson
Room 126
This class is a traditional Bible Study.
Current Study: “Ephesians” by N.T. Wright
Leader: Harris Prevost
Room 111
This class comes together to study God’s word and for prayer and fellowship.
Current Study: “Finding Calm in a Chaotic World” by Max Lucado
Leader: Kay Stacy
Room 112
The Men’s class comes together to study God’s word, fellowship and pray.
Current Study: “Ephesians” by J.D. Greear
Leader: John Newell
Room 103 & 104
Multi-generational, single and married
Current Study: How to read the Bible… The Bible Project
Leader: Garner Dewey and Greg Langdon
Room 206 (upper-level)
A discussion-based class that considers issues of local and global need, from a Biblical perspective.
Current Study: “The Wired Word”
Leader: Marc Kadyk