Employment Opportunity – 

Pianist and Assistant Choir Director 

First Presbyterian Church Boone
Position: Pianist and Assistant Chancel Choir Director at First Presbyterian Church Boone
Type of Position: Part-time
Salary: To be determined based on experience/qualifications.
Primary duties: To select and perform music appropriate for a weekly traditional church worship service. This includes regular collaboration with the church Pastor, Chancel Choir Director, Chancel Choir and Worship Committee in matters related to the use and performance of music in church worship.
Minimum qualifications:
  1. Proficiency in playing piano, both solo and as accompaniment, in a style compatible with a traditional church worship service. This includes accompanying a church choir and playing offertory, prelude and postlude music.
  2. Confidence to professionally conduct a choir rehearsal, including sectionals and group as a whole.
  3. Ability to relate effectively and build congenial relationships with church staff, church choir, and church members. This includes professionalism with regard to demeanor, disposition and communication.
  4. Commitment to performing a minimum of 48 Sunday mornings a year (position includes four (4) leave days).

Requirements to apply:

  1. Provide a cover letter, resume and faith statement.
  2. Minimum three (3) references, with at least one from someone who can speak to applicant’s musicianship. Should include name, contact information and nature of relationship.
  3. Live audition before a committee, including sight reading a selection of music and performing music suitable for a prelude.
Evaluation of applications will begin as applications are received. Proposed date of hire is no earlier than June 1.
To apply, send the required materials to:
Rob Robertson
c/o First Presbyterian Church
131 Big Valley Street
Boone, NC 28607
For more information call First Presbyterian Church Boone at 828-264-3906 or email jennifer@firstpresboone.net.

Position: Pianist and Assistant Chancel Choir Director Supervisor: Senior Pastor in Conjunction With Worship Committee Chair Hours/Week: As Needed Major Responsibilities:

  • Work in close collaboration with the Pastor, Chancel Choir Director, Chancel Choir, Worship Committee, and others involved with the music ministry of the church.
  • Meet regularly with the Pastor, Chancel Choir Director, and the Chancel Choir for planning.
  • Serve as a resource to the Pastor in the selection of hymns and worship planning; selection of appropriate use by the choir and other special music.
  • Attend Worship Committee meetings and actively participate in the discussion and activities. Notify the Moderator of Worship when you cannot attend.
  • Provide piano music at regularly scheduled Sunday services and select music of worthy quality and appropriate for use in the service.
  • Provide piano music for other scheduled services such as Moravian Lovefeast, Christmas Eve, Tenebrae, Lent and Good Friday.
  • Provide music for special services such as marriages and funerals upon request, with additional stipend.
  • Participate in rehearsal for vocal and instrumental soloists and groups.
  • Submit in a timely manner titles of music and other desired information for inclusion in the bulletin to the Church Administrator
  • In consultation with the Chancel Choir Director and the Worship Committee, monitor and recommend appropriate actions for the tuning, maintenance and necessary repairs of church pianos.
  • Be responsible for performing every Sunday, with the exception of four (4) Sundays each year to be used as time off. Prior to using a leave day, consult with the Chancel Choir Director to secure the services of a qualified substitute.
  • Notify the Pastor, Moderator of Worship, and the Chancel Choir Director when there will be a Sunday absence as soon as possible, preferably no less than two weeks in advance.
  • Fulfill the duties of the Chancel Choir Director when director is unavailable, including Wednesday evening and Sunday morning rehearsals.
  • When needed, conduct a sectional rehearsal during choir rehearsal.
  • Provide a Statement of Faith to remain on file within the church office.