Small Groups at FPC

“Tuesday nights are a highlight of our week.  Our small group gives us  the opportunity  for connection with other church family members and continued stimulating Bible study.  We have a great group and great leaders, Julie and Bert LaGrone.”
Wes and Pat
“The small group has become an extension of my family.  We spend time giving praises to God, sharing scripture discussion that is a reflection of the study we chose together and take time to pray.  Small group continues to nourish my soul and spirit.” Marty

“…The Bible studies we have used have been thought-provoking, with questions that were applicable to many of our life situations. It has also been very gratifying to learn more about each of our fellow Small Group members, and to know they lift our prayer requests up throughout each week…”  Betsy

If you are interested in being in a small group, please fill out & submit the form at the bottom of this page.
We look forward to helping you connect with the group that is right for you!

Small Groups at FPC are…

Vibrant Christ-centered worshiping communities devoted to enhancing each other’s spiritual journey by growing in God’s Word, enjoying fellowship, breaking bread together, offering prayers, and serving others.

FPC’s Small Groups Value…

Growing in God’s Word – groups are asked to do Bible studies that help the members grow in their relationship with Jesus.
Enjoying Fellowship – We want our small groups to be a safe place where authentic relationships can grow as we care for each other.
Breaking Bread Together – groups are encouraged to enjoy the nourishment that comes from breaking bread together as a reminder of the Lord’s Supper.
Offering Prayers – as members share their lives with each other, they will have the opportunity to pray for and with one another.
Serving others – Groups are encouraged to embrace the Mission of Jesus – to share the Gospel, while serving in our church, our community, and the world.

Small Group Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks will the group meet? Groups will meet for a semester and then decide about continuing to meet after the first of the year.

How often will the groups meet? Typically, they will meet every other week or weekly.

How long will a meeting last? A meeting will usually last from 1 ½ to 2 hours. On ZOOM, meetings tend to last between 1 and 1.5 hours. 

Where will the group meet? it could be at someone’s home or at the church.

What day of the week will groups meet? This will be determined by the small group leader and/ or the group.

How many people will be in each group? Ideally 8 – 12.

When / how can I sign up for a group? You can sign up using the interest form below.

What kind of commitment will I need to make? To make the most of being part of a small group, it is important to attend as many meetings as possible. There is a commitment of time AND participation in the form of sharing and caring with and for the group. The initial commitment will be every week or every other week for a semester. 

Will what is shared in a small group meeting be shared outside the meeting? No, everything that is shared in the group stays there – it is all confidential. 

Who can participate in a group? FPC Members and friends… whether you are single or married, whether you have been in the church your whole life or are new to the faith.

If I join a group, but it’s not the right fit, can I switch to another group? We will work with you to find a more suitable fit.

Is childcare available? Childcare will be available only when REACH Wednesday is meeting for groups that meet at the church, otherwise, groups will determine how to provide their own childcare.

Who will lead the group? Groups will be led by small group leaders who have received small group leader training.

What if I feel called to lead a small group? The Small Group Planning Team will provide training for you.

What does it mean to grow in God’s word? The groups will be focused on life application Bible studies. 

Do I have to buy a book? How much preparation or homework will there be? You will not need to buy a book and there will not be homework.

What does breaking bread mean? Will I need to bring food or cook a meal? While groups are encouraged to “break bread” at each meeting, each group will decide what that looks like, it could be a snack, or dessert, or even a whole meal at times. 

Will I be expected to pray out loud? No, there is no certain way people are expected to pray during a group meeting… “offering prayers” can be silent, one-on-one, or in a small group.

What does it mean that the groups are devoted to serving others? Each group will determine how they would like to serve either in the community or in the church, and how often.