Gathering to Serve

Saturday, August 10, 2019

8:00am – 1:00pm

Sign up in the Gathering Space… Sunday, July 21, July 28, and August 4… to serve our community with your Church family and friends on August 10.
FMO and PLAYGROUND MAINTENANCE: Get FMO ready for the opening of First Morning Out… Anchor premade Cubbies to the wall… Relocate 2 Shelves… Make and attach a coat rack strip to the side of the Hall… Sift the sand in the sandbox and refill it. Volunteers may be asked to bring specific tools and equipment, if available, to assist with projects taking place both inside and outside on the playground.
People Needed: any number  
Age Requirement: Adults & youth                                                 LEADER: Rebecca Pitts & Amber Kanoy
Heart Song: a music outreach ministry that brings music to our congregational shut-ins, either at their home or in a facility. We will visit many of these folks to bless them with music.
People Needed: 4 +
Age RequirementAdults & youth                                                LEADER: Heather Langdon
Hunger Coalition: Stock pantry shelves… Clean… Wash prescription bottles… Prepare meals in their recovery kitchen People needed: 10-12
Age Requirement: Adults and Children (with a parent)                LEADER: Guy Rippy
Pay It Forward: INTERNATIONAL Student Bedding Delivery: Deliver bags with bedding and other donations to ASU dorm rooms of international students. Must be able to lift / carry large bags and walk one flight of stairs.
People Needed: 8-12
Age Requirement: Adults & Youth                                                 LEADER: Cathy Ziegler
Prepare LUNCH for Volunteers at the church and Dinner for the Hospitality House
People Needed: 6  
Age Requirement: Adults & Youth                                                 LEADER: Arlene Steeves
Serve DINNER at Hospitality House            
People Needed: 4
Age Requirement: Adults and Children                                           LEADER: Aleema Fuller
PRE-K MISSION PROJECT: Preschoolers, with the assistance of parents and childcare workers, will make Christmas cards for shut-ins to be delivered by carolers in December
People needed: any number
Age requirement: preschoolers                                                      LEADER: Emma Lipscomb
Back 2 School Festival at Watauga High School
People Needed: any number
Age Requirement: 18 years & older and not currently enrolled in Watauga County Schools                                                                                         
Travis’s Lunchbox: HELP the HUNGRY at Casting Bread Food Pantry… Take inventory & stock the pantry shelves… Make food to be served the next week… Grind coffee beans… Pack Back-to-School Hygiene bags… Yard maintenance… Painting. THIS is a GREAT place for children to serve!
People needed: 15 – 18
Age Requirement: Kindergarten—Adults                                         LEADER: Gideon Goff
Wood Lot: Split wood that is stock-piled in a lot adjacent to the Hunger Coalition. Gloves, ear protection, snacks and drinks will be provided—some strenuous exercise involved. Wear old clothes you don’t mind getting dirty—please no open toed shoes. At the beginning there will be an orientation and safety demonstration. All new participants will be required to sign a liability release form.
People Needed: 6—25
Age RequirementAdults and youth if accompanied by parent     LEADER: Harless Wright

Join us Saturday, August 10 at:

     8:00am for DEVOTIONS at the church

     8:20-11:45am PROJECTS

     12:00pm LUNCH at the church