Sunday School: 9:30 am 

Bible Discovery – is looking at the different types of literature in the book of Isaiah and trying to understand and interpret the book for its own time and for ours as well.
Leader: Herb Hash                                     Room 110
FOCUS – Focused On Christ United by the Spirit… a multi-generational group, is using the book B.L.E.S.S… 5 Everyday ways to love your neighbor and change the world. 
Leader: Sue Newell                                   Room 105
Genesis a traditional Bible study class, is presently studying Genesis using “Genesis, God’s Creative Call” by Charlie and Anne Hummel.
Leader: Harris Prevost                           Conference Room
Koinonia –  a multi-generational class for women is studying Max Lucado’s “Help is Here, Finding Fresh Strength Purpose in the Power of the Holy Spirit”. 
Leader: Kay Stacy                                   Room 111
Man to Man – Is currently discussing scenes from “The Chosen” series, a dramatization of the life of Jesus. 
Leader: John Newell                               Room 112
NIKE is currently doing topical contemporary Bible studies.
Leader: Greg Langdon                            Rooms 103-104
Social Concernsuses “The Wired Word” for our class discussions. Each week there are two topics from which we choose… each topic is related to current social activities.
Leader: Marc Kadyk                                Room 206
TNC  a group of family minded adults who strive to become spiritually mature, care for one another, and build relationships as we immerse ourselves in God’s Word.
Leader: Steve Marks                               Library

01/25/23 – 03/22/23
All classes will start at 6:15
with family-friendly meals served in the gym starting at 5:15pm.
♦ EVIDENCE OF GOD: Finding evidence of God in the convergence of science, Scripture, archeology, prophecy and Old Testament types foreshadowing Christ.
Leader: Doug Sterrett
♦KNARTHEX KNITTERS: Get together for fellowship while knitting and crocheting, and sharing tips, patterns, and yarn, and joys & concerns of members of the church family.
Leaders: Julia Pedigo and the Knitting Ministry Team
♦WOMEN’S STUDY: Divided We Stand: “We live in divided times. The tension of disagreement is felt at dinner tables, church gatherings, board rooms, and beyond. But Jesus lived in divided times too. He modeled how to love people who were wildly different from him, and he calls us to do the same.” Join us as we learn how we can approach differences and disagreements with curiosity, humility, and love.
Leaders: Liz Michael, Krystal Wilson, and Sharon Carlton
♦WORSHIP TECH What makes a meaningful worship service? A strong message delivered with passion and clarity? Music that’s a proclamation of God’s glory and stirs our hearts? Bold prayers of forgiveness and thanksgiving? Maybe all the above? There’s one item common for each of these components: the leaders all need to be seen and heard! Come learn how we make things happen. The first classes will focus on the basics of sound, and specific details of FPC’s sound will be sanctuary lighting system, then video streaming, and then ProPresenter software. Being part of the class doesn’t commit anyone to assisting during services.
Leader: Kelvin Gryder
CHANCEL BELLS: Meet at 6:00pm
Leader: Sylvia Rippy

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Knarthex Knitters – Join us on Wednesdays at 6:30pm to knit or crochet prayer shawls for our members who need the warmth and comfort of knowing that their brothers and sisters in Christ care for them, pray for them, and give them a tangible gift of that love and concern for their illness or loss of a loved one. Interested in joining this group? Click on “I’m Interested…” below.
Prayer Group – join the prayer group on zoom on Thursdays at 10am for a time to share joys and concerns and to spend some time praying with one another, even if it’s just wordless groans! To join the group one time, or every Thursday, click on “I’m interested…” below.
Click HERE for YOUTH opportunities…
Click HERE for opportunities for CHILDREN… 
John & Sue Newell’s small group
Meets every other Sunday at 6:30 pm
New Chapter Widows Group
Led by Sharon meets twice / month. 
Women’s Circle
Led by Kay Stacey, Circle 1 meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 9:30am. All women are invited to join!
For more information, please click below:

RightNow Media

First Presbyterian is always looking for ways to serve you as you live out your faith throughout the week. We are inviting you to have a free account to an exciting video library called RightNow Media. 

It’s essentially the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies” because you will have instant access to thousands of great videos for kids, youth, parents, married couples and more. You can view these videos from your phone, tablet or computer. And you can also view them in a group setting through a TV or projector.

Take a look at this video to find out more, then register HERE…